Healthy Thai Food

After months of staying in hotels where you really can’t cook your own meals, all my boyfriend and I ate was fast food, specifically the McDonald’s dollar menu, Taco Bell, and the CiCi’s pizza buffet (with a free buffet coupon of course!). Just recently, we were both lucky enough to find a small one bedroom apartment with a stove and oven. I was so excited to cook again!

Our first night in our new place, my BF says “Let’s get Taco Bell for dinner!”. Needless to say, I wasn’t having any of that. Plus BF is an excellent cook when it comes to Thai food. I headed over to the grocery store and picked out a few items that were fresh, economical and healthy. I begged BF to cook and he made Thai Beef Salad and Thai Beef Larb.

I am going to say that Thai Beef Larb is absolutely one of my favorite foods. It is so simple to make, super healthy and cheap. Ingredients are beef, spinach, rice, nam prik (Spicy Thai Chili Dipping Sauce), and green onions. You can customize this as well with Lime juice and crushed dry Thai peppers.

Thai beef salad is amazing as well. Just cook and slice a piece of thin flank steak, cucumbers, lettuce, ginger, green onions, and nam prik. Mix everything together and serve. You can customize as well with lime and dry Thai peppers. If you want the recipes, leave a comment below!

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