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Miracle Mornings

Morning routines are tough. I used to wake up every morning with just enough time to get dressed, make a smoothie, and head out the door to work. I kept feeling that my morning was rushed. I dreaded getting up in the morning. I felt tired. I felt directionless.

I started working with a wellness coach and in our Facebook group, she mentioned this book called ‘The Miracle Morning’ by Hal Elrod. Check out the link here. This book is a serious game changer if you want to start your day with intention and achieve your goals.

Basically, the ‘Miracle Morning’ is getting up at 5am and working on personal development for about an hour. This helps prime you for your day. I have revamped my morning routine, starting each day spending 10 minutes on the following: prayer/meditation/silence, affirmations, visualizations, journaling, reading personal development, and working out.

You don’t have to spend 10 minutes on each category, 5 minutes, or 1 minute is fine. The goal is to get your mind focused and ready for the day so you can crush your goals and live your best life. I have done this routine for about a week now and I love it. I feel more awake in the morning. Getting my workout completed first thing in the morning is great!

At first, it feels weird and almost torturous to wake up at 5am every morning. You need to make this a habit. Hal states that to develop a habit takes at least 30 days, not the 21 days we have been told in the past. So get some coffee going and get up at early. Make your day a success. What morning routines do you follow?

3 thoughts on “Miracle Mornings”

  1. I started my morning routine because of a different boo about 8 weeks ago. I’m reading the Miracle Morning now and making some tweaks. Having extra time for me in the morning has been transformational!


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