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Living a Life of Gratitude

These past few weeks have thrown a few financial curveballs to say the least. Dealing with ex spouses and child support problems, can really drive you insane. Heated arguments, passive aggressive text messaging, the list goes on. What can you do when the shit hits the fan? Calm down and be grateful.

What? Calm down? How in the world? What do I have to be grateful about? Just hear me out.

What is gratitude? Having a gratitude mindset is internal, not external. Gratitude is being content and mindful. It’s forgiveness. Forgiving yourself. Forgiving others. Once you forgive, you free up space inside to fill with good stuff. You can rant and rave about your ex all you want, and fill yourself with holding grudges, but in the end who does that hurt? You and your kids.

Your kids need to see you in control. You are the adult. You can get upset, but don’t explode in front of your kids. When I mean explode, I mean audibly cursing out your ex in front of your kid, making threats, etc.

How can you live with gratitude right now? Be mindful. Be grateful for what you have now. Grateful you have a job, can talk to your kids, etc. Thankful for being alive to dream your dreams. Pick one small thing to be grateful for and expand on it.

I have been focusing on gratitude lately. When situations arise that are less than ideal in our lives, its so easy to get negative. Shifting your mindset to gratitude can be an instant mood pick up. Even just sitting down and meditating can clear your mind. Plus, when you “calm down” during a stressful situation, like dealing with your ex, you can respond in an appropriate manner. Remember, every text and email can be used against you if it comes down to legal action down the road.

Being in a gratitude mindset takes time. It just takes practice, and then it becomes a habit. You got this. What are you grateful for today?

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