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What is 2020? The start of a new decade. 20/20 vision, clarity and focus. Purpose. New Starts. New Endings. 2019 was the year of deep introspection, personal growth, and recovering from codependency. It was a year of forgiveness and acceptance. It was messy, necessary, and soul cleansing.

I don’t like to keep “New Year’s Resolutions”. That sounds so concrete, black and white, inflexible. I like to say “2020 Goals”. Goals are something to work towards, are flexible, and really have an open time frame. Here are a few of my #2020 Goals:

1. Saving money and paying off debt. Rebuilding my finances has been high on my list of priorities. After my divorce, my finances were a shambles. I am slowly building my credit. For motivation, I signed up for Dave Ramsey’s emails and listen to his podcast pretty regularly.

2. Finish my degree. I have been working on my second AA degree for about 7 years now…I would start, stop, and let circumstances in my life derail college. Not anymore. I have three classes left, and it’s time to get it done.

3. Continue working on my health. 2019 came with a new health diagnosis of PCOS, increased blood pressure, anxiety and depression. I started working on rebuilding my physical health in March. Its been a slow process, but I have learned alot. I am still a long way from where I want to be, but I am enjoying the process. Just a tip, for those dealing with mental health issues, take advantage of your employer’s EAP (Employee Assistance Plan) if it is available. Some EAP’s will cover a few sessions with a counselor for free.

4. Continue working on relationships with family and friends. I burnt a few bridges with people from 2016 to 2018. Made bad decisions. Did not handle things well. In 2019 I laid low. I started getting my shit together and now am ready to extend the olive branch. Boundaries were learned and set. Being in a coparenting relationship has really tested my control issues, in a good way. My relationship with my son is far from perfect, but it is way better than it was a year ago.

5. Spirituality. This is so important. I attended church for several years when I was married. Was involved in sabbath classes and women’s groups. This was imperative in helping me through hard times, it provided fellowship with others, and allowed me to serve others. I made several friends that became like family. It most importantly changed my relationship with God. I admit, the last few years, I neglected the spiritual aspect of my life. My goal is to continue my morning bible study and get this prayer thing down. I’ve already noticed a lessening of worry and anxiety in the last few weeks. Having faith in a higher power has helped ease my anxiety and focus on gratitude.

Those are my #2020goals. What are your goals for 2020? Please share below.

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