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Health Journey 2.0

This year, I decided to mix up my health plans. I was making progress until around Thanksgiving last year. Then it kinda went downhill. Emotional eating, holiday stress, fatigue, you name it, I had an excuse.

Even though it is the start of a new year, I don’t make resolutions or hard to achieve health/fitness goals. I have made made mistakes in the past by setting unrealistic goals, and those strict plans never work because:

  1. Plan was too restrictive.
  2. Plan was unhealthy for long term.
  3. Plan didn’t “plan for life happening”

I started 2B Mindset last year along with working out with BeachBody on demand. While I love 2B, I fell off the tracking wagon. I found I needed a plan that was easier to track and had more flexibility. I’m still drinking tons of water, which has helped made me feel more energy.

I am a sweet addict. If its cake or cookies, or anything chocolate related, I am there. Let’s be real here. I used the holiday season to gorge myself on treats. The scale doesn’t lie and I started feeling groggy and run down after Christmas. I gave up on tracking around Thanksgiving and that was that.

Recently I started tracking again through an app on my phone, this has really helped. I stuck to eating pretty clean for a week and lost about four pounds. I also started working out CONSISTENTLY again. I would work out here and there for a while during the holiday season and noticed my energy and patience wearing thin.

Popsugar Fitness is amazing! If you have not subscribed to their YouTube channel, I suggest you do so right away. TONS of free workout videos. I started on the 30 minute workout playlist and each video is easy to follow. No insane workouts for those who are beginners. I usually workout every morning before I go to work for 30 minutes. I have been consistent with the workouts for about a few weeks and feel great in the morning, plus it gets my daily step goal in.

Do I have a goal weight? Nope. Just getting my BMI to the “normal” range and feeling healthier overall. It’s been a challenge with starting college. One thing I noticed that helped is putting my workouts on my calendar each day. Its a reminder and I love the feeling of being able to cross something off on my to do list.

How do you stay motivated on a health journey? I head straight to social media. I weeded out my Instagram to follow people/companies that are positive and uplifting. On the flip side, I also try not to spend too much time on social. I find that spending too much time on social media distorts my perception of what is healthy and what is not healthy. Meaning that if we spend all our time looking at other’s “perfect” lives, we get down and ungrateful for what we do have right now.

So this was an update on my health journey. What are you doing this year to make positive changes in your health?

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