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Spiritual Journey

I really hesitated at first to post about God and my spiritual reawakening. I was more afraid as to what people would think. But then I figured what was the point of having a blog if I cant be completely honest?

One of my main goals for 2020 is to develop a deeper spiritual relationship with God. A long time ago, when I was married, I was involved in church and was just starting to develop that relationship with God. I then moved out of state, and fell out of going to church and reading my bible. Last year I tried manifesting and crystals, but found out that did not satisfy what was deeper inside of me. Something was off. I was working out, eating healthy, and reading all the self improvement books I could get my hands on. But still, something wasn’t right. I felt restless and anxious.

For about two months now, I really have been consistent in adding prayer and daily devotionals into my morning routine. I make coffee, then I pray. I then drink coffee, and work on daily devotionals in “Our Daily Bread”, which is a devo booklet that is handed out for free at my job. After devo, its time for gratitude journaling, in which I list 5 things I am grateful for daily.

Since starting this new practice in the morning, I can say with all honesty and no BS that my life is starting to improve. Not so much externally, as internally. I feel more relaxed, less anxious, and more hopeful for the future. Prayers have been answered as well, relationships in the process of mending.

Some of you out there may not believe in God. That’s fine. But I challenge you to at least believe in something higher than yourself. Be that God, Buddha, earth spirits, etc. And if you want to get back into a relationship with God. I recommend starting off listening to Christian podcasts, following faith based accounts on Instagram or Facebook. Along with daily prayer and devotionals, I also started listening to podcasts from Jen Hatmaker and Crystal Paine. Their podcasts are real life, down to earth, and truthful christian conversations.

My next step is to find a church home. Growing up, I have multiple family members of different faiths. My parents never forced me to chose a denomination, but I did attend several different Baptist churches. I was baptized Lutheran at a young age, but as I got older, I really couldn’t resonate with the church. So now I am looking up various churches online in my area, and asking for recommendations from coworkers. There is a non-denominational church I am thinking of checking out next weekend. It seems like a good start.

What does your faith journey look like?

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