A Healthcare Worker’s Anxiety

As soon as I arrived at work I started having chest pains. AKA anxiety. This past week in healthcare has been challenging to say the least. COVID-19 has really put a strain not only on resources, but on people’s sanity. When you are used to working in an office where this a schedule and routine, any disruption causes issues in the flow. From staff having meltdowns behind closed doors or at the nurses station. To patients chewing staff out due to schedule changes and trying to learn the new technology of telemedicine.

So how to deal? Deep breathing and prayers. A lovely flower from a co-worker, going to the break room and doing a #frequencydance, or crying in the staff restroom . Whatever it takes to get the emotion out. Clear your head and get back to doing what we are called to do, help people get well. These roller coaster emotions are normal. We will get through this.

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