Being Authentic in a Digital Age

I’m pretty new to Instagram, otherwise known as “the gram”. Sure, I’ve used Facebook for about 10 years, but never really posted much due to fear of what others will think. “What would they think if I posted that selfie?” As I am currently in my new season of life, my mindset, beliefs, and way of living have changed. I am more confident IRL, but online, I am not.

It’s so easy to be completely overwhelmed by all content on IG and Facebook. It’s all about like and followers. We try to mute our true feelings, hopes and dreams, fears and failures. As if being a “normal” person is such a bad thing. Why is that? Do we want others to think we ‘have it all together?’. What if our fails and real lives inspire others? What if we can make a difference in others lives by just being ourselves?

There has been a gradual shift it seems in the past several years of folks being authentic, body positivity seems to be all the rage. Is this going to be a permanent thing? I hope so. No longer are posts about other people’s highlight reels, and one-sided political posts. It’s now sort of gravitated into the good and bad. We see people now for who they are, not who they want to be. This authenticity, I believe, gives others who are not so confident, the extra boost of hope they need to be their best selves.

So sit down and “clean up” your social media. Unfollow those people or businesses who make you feel like crap about your life. Take a social media fast for a day or so. Then come back and start living your authentic life.

When You Feel a Mental Block

My mind has been so unsettled lately. I started this blog off strong, but then I just sort of ran out of steam. What’s the deal? Well, I think it may be due to being mentally overwhelmed. I have spent the last few weeks researching blogging, trying to get followers, how to write good content. It was like information overload. Then I can’t write. The words don’t seem to come out.

I love google, and being able to find information on about anything for free. But at the same time, all this information is overwhelming to process. Then I get stuck in the comparison game, especially when visiting other blogs, Facebook or instagram. I have to remember that this blog is a newbie, it’s not going to be perfect at first. I’m not going to be completely consistent in posting new content. My pictures and layout may suck.

Truth be told, this past year has been a whirlwind of emotions and conflict, and I think that now I am finally settling down, it is time to process everything. My migraines have returned. Stress and anxiety over other issues I have swept to the side are resurfacing. I feel something shifting in me. The move to Florida was more than a change in physical location. It was a change in mindset. It has caused me to question who I am and who I want to become.

To help with handling all of this change, I started listening to self-development podcasts. I started praying again. I started seeing a therapist. I started listening to how my body was responding physically and took steps to get my health on track. When you go so long ignoring yourself both physically and mentally, trying to make things better seems like an uphill battle. I tell myself, “You have to take things one day, one thing at a time.” Nothing successful happens overnight. The situation you may be in right now is not going to last forever.

I really want to stress and share how important self-care is during a time like this. Just a few minutes out of the day to sit and chill out. Leave the phone in the other room and just relax. Take a shower, and drink some coffee. Pretty soon, the mental block starts to lessen. That weight on your heart starts to free up and you can write again.

What things do you do when you are feeling a mental block?

The Blogging Process

I am completely new to blogging. In fact, this blog is not even a few weeks old. I have no writing background. In fact, I worked in healthcare all my adult life. But I knew for about a year that I wanted to start a blog. I wanted to start a blog as a way to share and heal after a tumultuous last five years. I also wanted to inspire and help others to live a better life. I want today to share a few tools that have been helping me as a beginner blogger.

I love WordPress. In the beginning stages a year ago of thinking of even starting a blog, I researched google incessantly, looking for the best blogging platform that was cheap and easy to use. Review after review recommended WordPress. It was economical and easy to use. So I signed up. I paid under $50 for my domain name, hosting and blogging platform. With WordPress, everything is all streamlined. I use the personal plan, since I’m starting out, but may upgrade down the road depending on blog traffic.

Let me also add, that I have pretty basic computer skills. I have no programming experience. All I knew was that I wanted to blog and write. I needed a blogging platform that was easy to set up and get started. I opened WordPress and then in a separate tab in my browser, opened up YouTube. I then watched this video on how to set up my first WordPress blog. In about an hour, I was ready to blog.

I tend to write in bursts during the day. I may type out several posts in a few hours. Another great thing about WordPress is the functionality to type and set your posts to publish at different dates. I started using this feature on my posts and it helps me stay organized.

The writing process for me is simple. I carry a couple of notebooks and pens in my purse to jot down ideas. Once I get home, I start typing. I love that WordPress has an app for Mac, so I can just click the app and start typing. Here are my favorite writing tools. I love gel pens since they write super smooth.

Apple MacBook Pro 13″ Retina Display

 KACO Retractable Gel Ink Pens, 0.5mm

Moleskine Cahier Soft Cover Journal, Large

What writing tools do you love to use?