It’s a Nutrition Plan…Not a diet.

I hate the word diet. It is such a limiting word. I prefer the word nutrition, which brings up an image of health and longevity.  I started my nutrition plan a couple of months ago and wonder why I waited for this all my life!

It’s so simple to follow and I feel so much more energy. No supplements, cleanses, or shakes are required. Just water and veggies most are the requirements. That’s it.


I was so used to feeling deprived on other plans. Remember Slim Fast? Having to drink that cup full of chalky  nasty? I tried Weight Watchers, counting points, counting calories, measuring my food. I even tried portion controlling cookies into baggies, but then ended up eating 5 bags in one sitting! I also have tried Adkins and Keto, losing weight, but then gaining it back.

The plan I am currently on is so sustainable, and flexible. Drink at least half your weight in ounces of water daily. More water=more weight loss. Also, style your plate to eat veggies most. In fact, you can eat as much non starchy veggies as you wish. I have found that I am #obsessed with cauliflower rice. That stuff is incredibly versatile. Try to substitute cauliflower rice instead of regular rice in your next recipe and your mind will be blown.

I also love this plan, because recipes are incredibly easy and don’t involve tons of ingredients. Veggies are so versatile, you can eat them any way you like on this plan. (Just don’t eat fried veggies all the time).

But my ultimate favorite part of this plan is that not only have I lost weight, I also feel incredibly healthy. My hair and skin are in great shape. I have more energy. The incredible simplicity of this plan is great!  And if you want to have dessert, eat it!

Then name of the plan is 2B mindset. If you are interested in learning more about this, just let me know. What nutrition plans do you follow, or have tried in the past? I am curious to see what others have tried, failed, or had immense long-lasting success.

Healthy Thai Food

After months of staying in hotels where you really can’t cook your own meals, all my boyfriend and I ate was fast food, specifically the McDonald’s dollar menu, Taco Bell, and the CiCi’s pizza buffet (with a free buffet coupon of course!). Just recently, we were both lucky enough to find a small one bedroom apartment with a stove and oven. I was so excited to cook again!

Our first night in our new place, my BF says “Let’s get Taco Bell for dinner!”. Needless to say, I wasn’t having any of that. Plus BF is an excellent cook when it comes to Thai food. I headed over to the grocery store and picked out a few items that were fresh, economical and healthy. I begged BF to cook and he made Thai Beef Salad and Thai Beef Larb.

I am going to say that Thai Beef Larb is absolutely one of my favorite foods. It is so simple to make, super healthy and cheap. Ingredients are beef, spinach, rice, nam prik (Spicy Thai Chili Dipping Sauce), and green onions. You can customize this as well with Lime juice and crushed dry Thai peppers.

Thai beef salad is amazing as well. Just cook and slice a piece of thin flank steak, cucumbers, lettuce, ginger, green onions, and nam prik. Mix everything together and serve. You can customize as well with lime and dry Thai peppers. If you want the recipes, leave a comment below!