What a great experience I am going through! Hello everyone, my name is Paula. I was born and raised in the midwest, been married twice, and have a handsome young man as a son. I currently live in the Orlando, Florida area. After my divorce, it took me almost a year to realize that there is so much life out there. I want to share with you my ups and downs, my failures and my triumphs, and hidden treasures along the way. This blog is not about me, it is about single moms out there who have found life and found new experiences. I want to share my new experiences that could help your life.


Exploring Meditation

Meditation has been shown to be helpful for treating depression in clinical studies conducted by mindfulness Hopkins University. In fact, 30 minutes of meditation daily may improve symptoms of anxiety and depression. It’s important to know that meditation only should not replace meds or other treatments for anxiety and depression. In the world of psychology, …